A BREAD lorry has crashed into a charity shop in Malvern.

The Warburtons HGV collided with the Oxfam shop in Church Street this morning, blocking off the front door with several customers and employees inside.

A witness at the scene said she understood the lorry's handbrake had failed and the driver was forced to swerve into the building.

Five customers were inside the store at the time, according to volunteer Sue, who was on the til and has described hearing an "almighty bang".

"There were five customers in the shop and they all spun around. Luckily none were hurt but they were quite near the door."

Sue went on to say "there was a lot of glass everywhere" and with the door blocked by the lorry, the customers had be led out the back way.

She said several windows have been "badly cracked" by the impact while the one which took most of the force has smashed.

"We can't risk opening. We've got to get the door sorted. It's buckled or whatever it is that doors do under force," added Sue.

The deputy manager, who was in the back of the shop at the time, said she understood the handbrake had failed and the driver "had to swerve off to the side" before striking the building.

She said the female driver was able to exit the lorry herself and had not sustained any injuries.

A curved window pane was smashed during the collision, she added.

Hereford and Worcester Fire crews were called to the scene at 10.13am this morning, but there were no casualties, said a service spokesman.

"We stabilised the vehicle and a recovery service fetched it," they added.

West Mercia Police were also at the scene and the road was partially closed.

It is understood the same lorry delivers bread to Iceland in Church Street each morning.

It is unknown when Oxfam will re-open.