FALLING is difficult at the best of times but when an elderly woman fell in the city, her daughter was shocked by the public’s response.

Patricia Clarke-Sutton, 78, was enjoying a lovely day out with her daughter, Michelle Stockall, 59, when she fell on New Street in Worcester.

Mrs Stockall said: “I was slightly ahead and I turned around and mum was on the floor in a state of shock.

“I tried helping her up but she couldn’t move - she on the ground not saying anything."

Things were about to change.

Two staff members had seen what had happened from the nearby Bottles bar and Richard Everton and Hannah Webb came rushing out to offer support.

Mr Everton would later help her mum into a car to get taken to hospital for a check-up.

An unidentified member of staff from Beauty at Strands hairdressers also came out to support her mum with a pillow and a towel to keep her warm.

A passing woman used a phone app to check hospital waiting times and told directed them away from visiting the Worcestershire Royal Hospital to the Malvern community Hospital, on the Worcester Road.

Ms Clarke-Sutton was taken to hospital when her daughter's husband, Paul Stockall, 58, arrived.

Mrs Stockall added: “It struck me afterwards how many nice people take the time to stop and I recon many people genuinely care about each other.

“I want to thank the people who stopped and helped - it’s nice to know the kindness of strangers.”

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Mr Stockall said: "I came down at the end but my mother-in-law was surrounded by many people who were genuinely interested in her welfare.

Ms Clarke-Sutton wishes to express her thanks to the members of the public who helped and the hospital staff.