HUNDREDS of people have descended on Malvern for a three-day ‘sex festival’, with some residents raising concerns.

But the organisers of the Swingfields event have told us it is “categorically not a sex festival”, and berated the national media for making out festival goers were "aliens, from the planet swing."

The festival has been shrouded in secrecy with couples who booked a £170 ticket for the “Aurora” event only told the location 48 hours before the festival got underway.

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But it is being held at the same location as last year, on a field opposite the Three Counties Showground.

The festival is in its seventh year and annually receives media attention. The site this year features a red double-decker party bus and gazebo covering several double-beds, glamping pods, paddling pools, large hammocks, and four poster beds.

As temperatures reached 25C organisers have also been providing free sun cream to the revellers in attendance.

Residents in the area have had mixed feelings about the event. Retired lecturer Marjorie Stapleton described it as a 'super-charged sex swapping festiva'l' an added: “Are we entirely comfortable with our burgeoning reputation as host to this extremely commercialised, lewd and sleazy events in our green and peaceful countryside?”

And another, who did not want to be named, said: “Is this a yearly thing now? I knew nothing about it returning, so had a complete shock. I walk my dog (near the site) and now I can’t, I wasn’t allowed anywhere near.”

But a festival spokesman said: “It is a private event, on private land - you would have to trespass to see anything.

“As for the sexual activity, you will have seen more at other festivals. This is the first time we have come back to the same location, as residents were so welcoming last year.

“We have liaised with local bodies, police, and spoken with residents. There is nothing illegal, there are no drug issues. No one has raised concerns to us. In fact, people have said how well run it is. It is just nimbyism from some. This outdated and nasty view is not in keeping with a tolerant society.

“People who come here are doctors, teachers - they are human beings and are just being open and honest. They are being made out to be aliens, from the planet swing.”

Resident Sylvia Hartley added: “The festival was here last year and no one seemed to have any problems. It’s just people having sex in the open air. There are far more unhealthy pursuits people can do. If I wasn’t in a committed relationship I’d be tempted to go along myself.”

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The festival began on Thursday and ends this Sunday.