A MUM was handcuffed and led out of court after refusing to co-operate during a hearing.

Lyn Churchill referred to prison as a “holiday” and jokingly asked for some duct tape to stop herself from talking.

Churchill admitted breaching a restraining order by harassing her neighbour six times over a two-day period, including banging on her letter box.

The 48-year-old was said by District Judge Kevin Grego to have used “seven of her eight lives” but felt a prison sentence would impact her disabled daughter more than her.

During the hearing at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday, Churchill initially refused to confirm her name, saying: “According to the court and police I don’t exist. I am an alias. I have three identities.”

Mr Grego was forced to briefly adjourn the hearing until later in the day, to which the defendant said: “No worries, I’ve got all day. See you later.”

Nicola Ritchie, prosecuting, said the defendant was given a three-year restraining order on January 18, forbidding her from contacting her neighbour, Coralina Cecil, who lives “20 metres away” in Atyeo Close, Malvern.

The defendant attempted to speak to the victim on April 30 at around 8.35am while she was having a cigarette outside her front door.

Ms Cecil “told her politely” to stop but she persisted, even waving a broom at her, then later as she was taking her six-year-old daughter to school, Churchill began shouting at them.

The victim filmed some of this and took it to the police station but on her return the defendant persisted, swearing at her and calling her “fat” from out of her window.

At 6.30am the following morning, Ms Cecil and her family were “woken up by someone banging on the letter box” before CCTV showed it was Churchill.

Judith Kenney, defending, said her client complained to police about her neighbour but “nothing happens” and she “finds it really difficult” they won’t accept her disabled daughter as a witness.

The solicitor said they were “nuisance comments” and not aggressive, but Mr Grego said: “She is told she must have nothing to do with these people.” Churchill was given an 18-month community order, including 60 hours unpaid work. She was led out in handcuffs.