MALVERN Cube users and supporters met to celebrate the opening of the new Green Room.

Last August a fire swept through part of the building, causing extensive damage to the backstage area, kitchen and hall.

Now, less than a year later, the re-built Green Room is a bright sunny space with a bathroom and kitchen for performers, which also doubles as a meeting room.

The re-build was masterminded by trustee Robin Coates and special attention was paid to making it as energy-efficient as possible and using local firms and tradesmen.

The cost was £85,000, mostly covered by an insurance claim, but extra works were paid for using grants from the Hawthorne Trust and the Bransford Trust, whose trustee Colin Kinnear cut the ribbon.

Karen Humphries, chair of the trustees, said: "Last summer we were devastated when an electrical fault caused so much damage.

"Whilst we were insured, we are almost entirely self-funded and worried that, whilst parts of the building were out of action, we would lose some of the regular groups who hire our rooms.

"It says a lot about our wonderful Cube community that everyone supported us and, after much hard work, we have this amazing new space.

"The Cube is continuing to thrive; over 50 groups now meet here, providing a huge range of classes and clubs for the whole community, and we host some amazing gigs and events. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped."