PATRONS and staff from an historic Malvern pub are appealing for help to try and raise vital funds to keep it open.

Sarah Wiggett, landlady of the Forester's Arms in Wilton Road, is trying to raise £5,000 to pay the bond agreed with the brewery that owns the pub.

She said: "I re-opened the pub in November after it had been closed several times and since then have tried to keep the pub what it has traditionally been.

"It was hard at first because lots of the regulars had all moved to drink somewhere else and so we had to work really hard but eventually we did get them back.

"Since then we have refurbished and re-decorated and brought the place back to life.

"This is a community pub with really devoted regulars which is so important because not everyone wants to go to the big chain pubs, they want somewhere like this where everyone knows each other's name.

"Basically we need to raise this money to settle the bond or the pub could close down again."

On June 1, the pub, which has been present in malvern in various forms since the 1800s will be hosting a fundraising event to try to raise as much money as they can.

Mrs Wiggett said: "Although this has traditionally been a working man's pub, we are trying to be a real family pub and so we want to get as many people down here as possible on Saturday and try to scratch the surface.

"From 1pm onwards there will be local bands and musicians playing, a glitter shack and facepainting for the kids.

"We really want to keep this place open as it is more than just a group of regulars, we are like a family and everyone helps each other out.

"Communities need places like this where people can meet and have a drink and know everyone there.

"It is sad really that proper community pubs like this seem to be dying out."