THE history of the Morgan blacksmith’s works in Upper Chase Road, Barnards Green, will be the subject of an event next weekend.

William Reynolds established a forge and carriage works on the site in 1868, naming it the Chase Works.

The Morgan family bought the forge in the 1920s and have been shoeing horses and casting metal pieces ever since.

There will be an exhibition outlining the history of the works, including many old photographs.

The Morgan family kept many receipts for goods bought from Barnards Green tradesmen in the 1920s.

A large number of these receipts will feature in a display, giving the visitor a chance to take a close look at different aspects of those bygone times, such as fashion, fuel and food.

The group has also printed several maps, which chart the growth of the Barnards Green area from the early 1600s onwards.

An opportunity to tour the forge with Grant Morgan is offered, plus a short history tour of the immediate neighbourhood, starting and finishing at the forge.

Group members and guest of honour Brian Iles will be on hand to answer any local history queries that visitors may have.

Members of the public will be welcome to bring along documents or photographs relating to Barnards Green that might generate further discussion and interest.

The event is free and takes place at Morgan’s Blacksmiths, Upper Chase Road, Barnards Green, on Saturday, June 8, from 10am to 1pm.