Be warned, Hormonal Housewives are on their way to Malvern Theatres, and it’s sure to be outrageous fun.

But what inspired co-writer Julie Coombe to try her hand at a comedy riot?

She said: “ I was inspired more than a little by West End theatre producer Michael Harrison (Annie, Bodyguard, Fiddler on the Roof) who said ‘you have to write a show’ and when I said what about he said ‘anything as long as it’s funny’ and I said well my life’s funny and he said ‘well do that then’!”

Hormonal Housewives is about so many situations I have found myself in over the years such as the kids growing up and the different worlds they seem to inhabit on a daily basis where you practically have to learn a new language to communicate with them!”

Julie added: “ I had done Vagina Monologues and I wanted to do something about people being thrown into situations that they might not be comfortable in, roles they play, and about women being each other’s therapists.

“My character is like me in that she’s happily married and incredibly comfortable in that relationship which allows her to poke fun at it as well. The character is a sort of heightened version of me.I think our audience is primarily women; I want them to feel they’ve all come round for a night in with a bottle of wine and some good chat. I want people to be howling with recognition and seeing themselves up on the stage – we want people to be sitting in the audience saying ooh that’s me up there! Ultimately I want the audience to feel as if they’ve spent the night in the company of friends.”

Those friends will include Vicki Michelle (‘Allo ‘Allo, Emmerdale), Josephine Partridge (‘Top Girls’).

Vicki said: “My character is loosely based on me – I would hate to say everything’s true to life in case I get into trouble with my husband”

Josephine added: “I imagine there will be lots of girls-night-out groups attending the show, laughing at the expense of men.”

The date for the diary is June 16.

Tickets: 01684 892277.