A WOMAN from Malvern drove home from a night out despite being over the legal alcohol limit because she was worried for her son’s safety.

Magistrates in Worcester heard how Narinder Bajwa, 40, of Prospect Close Malvern, had been in a controlling relationship and was worried about messages from her ex.

The court heard how she had left a relationship with a man who had become “more and more controlling, checking her phone and demanding to know where she was.”

On the night in question, April 27 this year, Bajwa, who had moved away from her ex and was trying to move on from the relationship, went out with friends, driving to the venue despite not intending to drive back.

During the evening, her ex reportedly kept contacting her and making threats to her.

Defending Bajwa, Mark Sheward said: “He was controlling and trying to influence all aspects of her life.

“He kept coming to her house, threatening her and demanding entrance.

“No restraining order was in place to stop it so this intimidation continued.

“Having gone out with some friends for a night out, where she had a drink, my client received messages from her former partner and other people there also made threats to her.

“He said he was going to go and see her son and that she should ‘see what happens’ so she jumped in her car and drove home where she was stopped by officers.”

During the hearing, Bajwa’s friend Mr O’Neill, a former soldier, spoke on her behalf, saying: “I have known her for 10 years and this is not the woman that I know.

“She has been trying to get her life back on track and understands the consequences of what she has done.”

When she was stopped by police, Bajwa provided two samples of breath, with the lowest reading being 70 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

Despite the circumstances surrounding being charged with drink driving, Bajwa was banned from driving by the court for 17 months, in addition to being ordered to pay £285.

Chair of the Bench Susan Roberts said: "We have listened carefully and are sympathetic to your situation, but the fact is there are other ways you could have gotten home."