MORE information has emerged about how an historic cricket pavilion in Worcester will be dismantled and transported to a museum.

The pavilion, on the Cinderella Ground, is being moved as part of plans to regenerate the ground and bring it back into use.

The pavilion is the original home of Worcestershire County Cricket club and where WG Grace once played.

Work to remove the pavilion will include each piece of the building being taken apart and given a digital tag which corresponds to a 3D model of the building created by students from the University of Wolverhampton. From there, each piece will be taken to the Avoncroft Museum in Bromsgrove, where the pavilion will be rebuilt and turned into an exhibit.

At Avoncroft, each piece will be assessed to see if it needs replacing or if it is in good enough condition to remain part of the building.

Nick Sturgess, head of head of collections and interpretation at Avoncroft, said: “It is an exciting project as our goal is to preserve historic buildings from across the Midlands. We haven’t put a timescale on the rebuilding at Avoncroft as we would rather take the time to make sure we get it right than put it up too quickly and it not be right. The worst thing would be to rebuild it only for it to fall down because it wasn’t done right so we would rather take our time and ensure we do it properly.

“We are fortunate that most of the pavilion is wooden, so even if we do have to replace parts, the knowledge and expertise is there to re-make them.”

Removal of the existing pavilion is being carried out by Worcester firm Joseph Woods Builders.

Director of Joseph Woods Builders, Sean Cochrane, confirmed a small amount of asbestos had been found in the pavilion, but said it had been removed and disposed of safely and would not delay the work.

He added: “We are hoping the removal will be completed in the next two weeks. Anything which is modern and not needed for the re-building will be disposed of properly and then the rest will be sent down to Avoncroft to be put back together.”