MALVERN'S Neighbourhood Plan has been approved by a large majority of town voters.

During last week's elections, 5,599 people or 86 per cent, voted in favour of adopting the plan, with only 940 against.

Clare Lawrence, Malvern Town Council’s neighbourhood plan officer, said: “Having worked on Malvern’s Neighbourhood Plan for over four years, I am absolutely delighted with the referendum result.

"I was quietly confident that it would pass, but it was very satisfying to be at the count with other members of the Neighbourhood Plan team and to hear first-hand that 86 per cent of the votes were in favour.”

The plan will now come into force as part of the statutory development plan for the area and will have legal effect once it is formally adopted by the local planning authority.

The plan will be used when determining future planning applications in the town and play an important role in ensuring that Malvern provides an outstanding quality of environment for its current and future residents, workers and visitors.