VOTERS will go to the polls next week to decide who they want representing them at Malvern Hills District Council.

Eleven candidates are battling it out in Link for three seats with Cllr Kwai Hung Chan from the Liberal Democrats and Cllr David Watkins from the Conservatives both looking to be re-elected.

Labour's Christopher Burrows and Martin Willis, Malcolm Delingpole and Brian Hill from UKIP and Independent Heather Jeavons are all battling it out with Jennie Newman, David Watkins and Mo Dutta for the Conservatives and Neville Mills from the Liberal Democrats.

Nine candidates are fighting for three seats in Chase with Cllr James O'Donnell the only Conservative seeking re-election.

Samantha Charles and Neil Morton are standing for Labour with Josie Wilkinson, Peter Wilkinson and William Chaundy all representing the Liberal Democrats.

Caroline Baldwin and Kathy Leather are standing for the Conservatives and Jeanette Sheen is looking to be elected for UKIP.

Two seats in West Malvern are up for grabs with both Cllr John Raine and Cllr Natalie McVey looking to be re-elected for the Greens. Jennie Kelly for the Conservatives and Ben Murphy for the Liberal Democrats are also standing.

Six candidates are standing in Priory for two seats with Labour's Josephine Leibrandt, Beverley Nielsen and Dee Tomlin from the Liberal Democrats and Indepedent Cynthia Palmer all hoping to stop Cllr Hannah Campbell and Cllr Roger Hall-Jones from being re-elected for the Conservatives.

The fight for three seats in Pickersleigh will see Cllr Caroline Bovey seeking re-election alongside Paul Bennett and Richard Whitehead for the Liberal Democrats with Lynne Lambeth and Lou Lowton standing for Labour and Sydney Harrison standing for the Conservatives.

Cllr Tony Baker is looking to be re-elected in Dyson Perrins. Amelia and Charlie Emmerson are both standing for the Lib Dems alongside Chris Reed, who is also looking to be re-elected, and Julie Wood from the Greens.