THE mother-of-three children murdered by the ‘Monster of Worcester,’ David McGreavy, says she can’t understand why he would be considered for release.

And Elsie Urry has told the BBC she fears she could bump into the killer in another part of the country, after he is set to be banned from ever returning to the city.

McGreavy was babysitting the three children at their Gillam Street home in Worcester when he killed them and impaled their bodies outside on a neighbour’s fence. McGreavy was jailed for life for the murders of Paul Ralph, aged four, and his sisters Dawn, two, and Samantha who was just nine months old at the time of the murders in 1973.

Many city residents remember the shocking crime and, when his imminent release was revealed in December, they argued McGreavy - who has so far served 46 years of his sentence - should never be freed.

The ‘zones’ McGreavy would be banned from entering after his release are reportedly Worcester, Malvern and Droitwich, as well as where Ms Urry lives in Hampshire. The Parole Board’s rules are a victim can request conditions, including for further zones to be added as long as they are “necessary and proportionate for the prisoner to be safely managed in the community.”

Asked if there were further areas she would want added, Ms Urry said: “I go to Basingstoke, with my brother, where they live, and things like that and it doesn’t...cover that does it?”

The parole board has said McGreavy has changed considerably since his conviction when he was aged 21. In a report the board said: “He has developed self-control, as well as a considerable understanding of the problems that he has had and what caused them. The psychologist identified a number of factors which make it less likely that Mr McGreavy will reoffend in future.”

But Ms Urry said: “There’s people in prison who have done murders, not half as bad as what he’s done, and yet they haven’t been put up for parole, so why should he get it?

“In the back of my head I just feel that if I did bump into him - and because I’d kept him in for these extra years - would that create a problem?”

Ms Urry has previously said she had written to the Parole Board for a number of years opposing plans to release McGreavy, before it was announced he would be freed last year.

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