OVER a hundred people took part in a protest march on Great Malvern as part of the Extinction Rebellion Movement.

The march included a funeral procession, complete with pallbearers carrying a coffin with the word "nature".

A spokesman for the XR Malvern group said: “We are facing an unprecedented global emergency; the planet is in crisis and we are in the midst of a mass extinction bigger and faster than the one that killed the dinosaurs.

"More than 40 per cent of insect species are extinct and a third are endangered. We stand face-to-face with the prospect of the loss of billions of lives and human extinction. The time for denial is over –it is time to act.”

The procession ended in Priory Park, where there were several speeches, songs and chants. The demonstration finished with a two-minute die-in, when protestors lay down in a silent vigil.

One participant said: “It’s been a really great day, seeing all these people from Malvern, young and old, giving their time to tell the simple message that our planet is in serious trouble. We all need to get our acts together.”

To find out more, visit rebellion.earth, contact the XR Malvern Facebook group or email xrmalvern_media@riseup.net.