A FULL APPLICATION for 63 new affordable homes, including shared ownership has been approved.

The development at Mill lane, Malvern, had a concern raised during the meeting by Doug Whitfield, of Campion Drive, who said: “I feel there’s still some ambiguity about where the housing will actually be and to give such detailed planning consent seems perverse to me.”

Acting agent for the developer Countryside Partnerships South Midlands Limited, Paul Barton said in response: “I think the plan is clear.

“I believe there is enough information for people to make an informed decision.

Conservative deputy leader for MHDC, Melanie Baker said: “With so many people in Malvern trying to get on the housing ladder and the current housing list being large, I welcome these affordable homes.”

As part of the development, under a Section 106 agreement, improvements will be made to highways access such as increasing the number of dropped curbs and upgrading bus stops.

There will be designated open space to the north and south of the site as part of the agreement too.

Conservative councillor James O’Donnell for Malvern Town said: “There is capacity on the roads leading in to the estate.

Ciaran Power, case officer for MHDC said the flood risk was ‘low’ and all risks have been looked at.

After the meeting, Tracey Brookes, 46, said: “I’ve young children, and I’m very worried about the increased traffic flow to the site through Charlotte Road.

Councillor Jill Campbell was the only abstention at the vote.