The Charitable arm of Upton Blues Festival has announced the successful applications for £25,000 worth of donations for local music education or blues charities.

Successful bids include a contribution towards CCTV in Upton-Upon-Severn's play park, as well as contributions to Upton in Bloom and Fort Royal School in Worcester.

Because of the continued success of the festival, the trustees have been able start donating the festival’s excess funds to helping organisations and individuals to achieve their dreams and goals, receiving 35 applications for over £125,000 in total.

“It is fantastic to be able to help such a broad range of local and regional organisations who are all doing remarkable work, and it was such a difficult process to say no to the others,” said Oliver Carpenter, trustee of the Upton Festival of Blues.

The full list of donations for 2019 is:

• Brighter Life Day Centre, Pershore – Music equipment and therapist.

• Brockhampton Primary School – Competition prizes.

• Centenary Choir, Malvern – Support for Dazzle event.

• Fort Royal School Friends, Worcester – Music teaching and equipment for 3-11 ages.

• Lanesfield Boys/Girls Brigade, Wolverhampton – Purchase a big bass drum.

• NCT Malvern Hills, Upton upon Severn – contribution towards running costs.

• Perfect Circle Theatre, Malvern – Equipment for theatre workshops.

• Tewkesbury Boys Brigade – New marching drums.

• Tewkesbury Town Band – New brass instruments.

• The Hanley’s Village Society – Funding archaeological investigations.

• Upton Blues Festival Workshop Scheme – Schools blues workshops across the Midlands.

• Upton in Bloom – Purchase of planters.

• Upton Town Council – Contribution to CCTV for play areas.

Mr Carpenter added: “It is remarkable that a music festival where every event is free to enter and every musician is paid, which has no main sponsors and no external funding sources can make such a major contribution to organisations right across the county,”

These donations bring the total given away by the festival over the last five years to more than £100,000 including the funding of the annual schools workshop and instrument recycling schemes, the total refurbishment of Upton upon Severn’s play park and a range of other smaller donations.

The 2019 Festival will be held on 18-21 July. All the information is at

A website regarding the festival’s charitable works can be found at