NEARLY 60 people braved the ordeal of firewalking to raise over £5,000 for charity in a first for Malvern.

The event was organised by Malvern Jogger Mike Bolton, who is also a member of the Worcestershire Golf Club in Malvern Wells, where the event was held.

59 people walked over hot coals, at a temperature of over 600 degrees, having raised sponsorship for Tenovus Cancer Care and other charities.

Firewalkers included golf club captain Jerry Hibbert and assistant pro Ryan Corbett as well as members of the club's staff.

Malvern Joggers were well represented along with members of other running clubs, including Ledbury Harriers, Malvern Buzzards, Worcestershire Trailblazers and Black Pear Joggers.

Mr Bolton was the first to brave the walk across the burning embers, immediately followed by Phil Turner, the oldest firewalker at 82.

Firewalkers were presented with a certificate of achievement and a commemorative T-shirt designed by Malvern-based Charlie Fuller Designs.

Mr Bolton, who said he thought it was the first fire walk held in Malvern, said: "I’m absolutely delighted that so many people came to support the firewalkers, it’s been a fantastic evening.

"I’m very proud of my family and friends, golf club members and staff, who have helped with this event and members of the local running community who, as always, have encouraged and supported generously.

Helen Reid said: “While I was lining up waiting to walk, I suddenly got extremely nervous but the cheering, encouragement and adrenaline got me over no problem.

"I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who ever gets the chance. I was glad to be able to do it on my own doorstep in Malvern.”

Rebecca Price said: "What an amazing experience. When it’s your turn the adrenaline just takes over. It was hot but comfortable, hard to explain.

"My feet felt tingly and strange for a few hours after and took some scrubbing. So chuffed we did it though."

More than £4,500 was raised for Tenovus Cancer Care, and over £1,000 for the club captain’s charity, What Makes You Different, Makes You Beautiful.

Walkers also supported other charities including Midland Air Ambulance, Cancer Research, Madison Shelbie Trust, Bowel Cancer UK, Osborne Trust and Cardiac Risk in the Young.