The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is celebrating its 10th year of touring the UK and Ireland, bringing over 100 adrenaline-packed shows to almost 60 venues.

And the good news is, Malvern's Forum Theatre will be one of them, on March 29 and March 30.

A spokesman said: "The Tour features two different collections of brand-new films from the world’s most intrepid filmmakers, starring pioneers and explorers tackling extraordinary expeditions in the wildest corners of the planet.

“We’re thrilled to have reached 10 years of bringing the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour to the UK and Ireland – and what better way to celebrate than with the latest dose of cutting-edge adventure films from the world’s most prestigious mountain festival!”

The spokesman added: “We guarantee that the anniversary atmosphere at the shows will be buzzing – and that audiences will go home inspired to have an adventure of their own as well.”

Films in the World Tour are selected from hundreds entered into the Banff Mountain Film Festival, which takes place for every November in Canada’s Rocky Mountains.

Film highlights include This Mountain Life.

Martina and her 60-year-old mother Tania embark on an epic ski traverse from Vancouver to Alaska – six months and 2,300km of journeying though relentless mountain wilderness.

Then there is RJ Ripper, described as "a mesmerising blend of mountain sports and culture as world class mountain biker".

The spokesman said: "Magar explores his homeland of Nepal, from the chaotic streets of Kathmandu to the mind-blowing Himalayan mountains beyond. An inspirational story of perseverance with high-adrenaline riding in stunning scenery."

For the Love of Mary tells the tale of 97-year-old George Etzweiler, who has been running up Mount Washington for the past 30 years, in memory of his wife.

Tickets and further details: 01684 892277.