THE headmaster of Malvern College has stepped down from his role.

Antony Clark, who has been Headmaster of Malvern College for the past 11 years, is leaving at the end of this term to become Headmaster of Michaelhouse, an all-boys boarding school in Natal, South Africa.

A Malvern College spokesman said: “During his time at Malvern, Mr Clark has been an exemplary leader whose style has inspired pupils and staff to achieve their best.

“His kindness, and demonstrable lead in terms of service to others, has encouraged pupils to aspire to do the same.

“Mr Clark has overseen the rapid development of Malvern College in terms of its academic and co-curricular programmes and in terms of the infrastructure on the Malvern campus as well as the establishment of a number of schools with the Malvern College name overseas.”

A Farewell Service was held at Malvern Priory on Friday, March 8 to pay tribute to Mr Clark’s work at the school and celebrate their time in Malvern.

Earlier this week, Malvern College officially opened their Hong Kong campus, celebrating the commencement of its first academic year in August 2018.

Dr Robin Lister, Founding Headmaster, said: “We aim to provide our pupils with a complete set of tools they need to navigate a bright future ahead.

"Across all our academic, co-curricular and holistic educational efforts, Malvern College Hong Kong is aligned with the United Nations’ sustainable development goal to drive inclusive, equitable, quality education and promote opportunities for all.”