A COUNCILLOR has raised concerns about the ‘dangerous’ closure of a roundabout slip lane – and there have been reports of a number of near misses that could have been serious crashes.

Locals have higlighted several near-misses – and even one crash – on the Powick roundabout, since the lane closure on Wednesday night.

Worcestershire County Council shut the road between Temeside Way and Malvern Road, as part of the Southern Link Road improvement project.

County councillor Tom Wells, who represents Powick, said: “It’s really dangerous.

“Drivers are now required to stop at the roundabout. The angle is such that they have to turn their heads 180 degrees to see what’s coming from the roundabout.

“I’m not surprised there have been accidents.”

The councillor said a large digital sign informing drivers about the change was set up ahead of the roundabout, after he raised concerns with the council on Thursday.

He added that the county council had a record for causing chaos at roundabouts, such as at the Whittington and Ketch islands.

Cllr Wells said: “Once again the council has failed to understand the implications of its changes to a roundabout on this route [the A4440].

“Four years ago the Ketch roundabout was subject to very dangerous new signage. It was after my campaign that they were prepared to change the road markings.

“It’s a similar situation to that of the Whittington roundabout, which was also messed up.”

One reader said they saw a two-car crash at the roundabout, between the Temeside Way and Malvern Road junctions, on Thursday.

The driver, who blamed the crash on the closure of the slip road, added: “The front car had damage to its rear right side, which you would have if you were going left at the roundabout and a car was coming around.”

Councillor Ken Pollock, Worcestershire County Council’s cabinet member for economy and infrastructure, said signs were in place to warn drivers of the changes at the roundabout.

“The dedicated left turn slip road at Powick roundabout for motorists travelling westbound along the Southern Link Road and turning towards Malvern has been closed to allow the construction of a site entrance for phase four of the Southern Link Road works,” he said.

“Motorists can still make a left turn but need to give way before joining the roundabout and making the manoeuvre. Signage was placed on site before the new configuration was introduced to advise motorists that there is a new road layout and a requirement to give way at the roundabout.

“Our contractor always keeps its traffic management arrangements under review and, having observed traffic, they have installed additional signage on the approach to the junction.”

The changes are expected to remain in place until 2021.

Worcestershire County Council said the new set-up went through a safety review process.

A spokesman for the council said: “The current junction configuration will be in place for the duration of phase four of the Southern Link Road improvement works, until they are completed in 2021.”