TEAMS from toddlers to veterans turned out in Malvern’s Priory Park on Shove Tuesday for the annual pancake race.

The event, now in its 12th year, attracted a good turn-out of participants and spectators.

Despite some drizzle earlier on in the morning, the weather stayed fair for the event itself.

It followed the hallowed format, where a series of pancake races for young children preceded the main event.

Michael Barraclough of Malvern Hills Rotary, which has organised the event from the start, said: “There were 30 participants in the toddlers’ race, and they all enjoyed themselves.”

The Elite class, for adults, was won by the team from Malvern Hills District Council, and the Veterans’ class, for teams of over 50s, was won by the Rotary Club’s own team.

The event was opened by James Aldridge, manager of Waitrose, one of the event’s sponsors, the other being Morgan Motors and Malvern Hills District Council.

Mr Barraclough said: “It was a pity that the chairman of Morgan could not be with is, but he was in Geneva at a big motor show, launching a new Morgan.

“All in all, the event went really well. It was dry and the sun was shining.

“I think there were slightly fewer spectators than we had last year, but everyone who was there thoroughly enjoyed it.

“The only think that we don’t know yet is how much money was raised. The teams will have to tot up all their sponsorship and let us know before we can know the total.”

As in previous years, funds raised will be divided between charities nominated by the teams and the Rotary Club’s own causes, which includes its international End Polio Now campaign.

Mr Barraclough said the the club was already looking forward to next year, and was thinking of adding a new class to the main races for young people aged between 12 and 16, increasung the number of participants.