POLICE are warning residents to be on the lookout after two suspicious incidents on Monday in villages near Pershore.

At about 4pm at Harpley Road, Defford, a green Japanese estate car stopped outside the drive of a house, and the occupants were seen looking into the owner’s vehicle.

They drove off towards the church and then returned to the driveway , where they stopped and looked again.

There were four men in their early 20s in the car, and the driver had a light brown beard.

The same day, at Pirton, four men, one with a ginger beard and wearing a

baseball cap, pulled up outside a house and were looking at a Land Rover parked there.

When the owner came out they said they wanted to steal the Land Rover abused the owner and drove off.

The incident number are 0508s/110219 and 0475s/110219.