POLICE have stepped up patrols around the Upton-upon-Severn play park after several reported acts of vandalism over the last few months.

The play park, which opened at the end of October 2018, was attacked by vandals just a few days after it opened when it was set alight in what town councillors described as an attack of ‘wanton vandalism’.

There have also been recent reports of bin fires and broken glass left in the toddler area of the play park, prompting the move for increased patrols.

A spokesman for Upton Town Council said: “The Town Council is very pleased that local police are patrolling the area.

“They have been engaging with the young people and helping maintain a ‘police presence’ to discourage anyone from committing any further acts of vandalism.

“The Town Council staff are also keeping a close eye on the park in the daytimes too with regular inspections to make sure it is tidy and safe for people who visit.”

The possibility of installing CCTV to the park off new road was discussed by Town Councillors at a meeting last year, but it was decided at the time that the incident was a one-off and it would not be needed.