RESIDENTS of Upton upon Severn thinking of learning to row can take advantage of new sessions run by Upton Rowing Club.

Starting with an induction evening on the 2nd April, newcomers to rowing can learn the basics and find out more about being a part of the clu.

John Kevany, one of last year’s graduates, said: “It can be difficult to take up a new sport as an adult but the Learn to Row course offers the chance to do just that in a relaxed environment.

“The beginners’ regatta was a great way to finish the course and there are chances to progress further with organised Sunday Crews and the internal head race that’s run every month throughout the winter.”

Another new rower, Sherian Salter said: “I signed up for the Learn to Row course as a complete Novice as I wanted to test myself and try out a new sport.

“I’m so glad I did as I have met a great group of friendly people at Upton Rowing Club, at the same time as learning how to row and then go on to compete in my first friendly competition.

“All this on the beautiful setting of the River Severn, come rain or shine. It’s great and just a little bit addictive.”

Finally, Jayne Leighton said: “I joined the Learn to Row course last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. We have such a beautiful stretch of water to learn on and the coaches were incredibly helpful, professional and welcoming.

“Our four continued to the Beginners’ Regatta which was great fun. Upton is a lovely Rowing Club and I’ve made new friends and had great times.”

To find out more, email Debbie at