A STUDENT at Malvern St James school has raised over £600 for a leading environmental charity with a fashion show.

Lily Rawlings, a Year 12 pupil at the Avenue Road school, put on the show to raise awareness of the damage that plastic is doing to our oceans.

She made 14 unique outfits for the show, called Trashion, in support of the Ross-based Marine Conservation Society.

Trashion was endorsed by Elle magazine and Herefordshire-based artisan crisp makers Two Farmers.

Anne-Marie Curtis, editor-in-chief at Elle UK, said she was "very impressed" with the project. She said: "Clever to combine fashion with passion for an environmental cause - brave and bold. It so deeply affects the fashion industry.”

Lily used recycling to create her designs, combining clothes found in charity shops and plastic materials that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Bin bags, shower loafers, party tablecloths, bags, foam netting, straws and duct tape were just some of the plastic items that Lily used in her designs. Lily studied at the London College of Fashion last summer and drew on her inspiration and experience of the course to create her designs.

She said: "This project enabled me to combine my passion for fashion with raising money for a global issue.

"The aim of the show was to raise awareness of ocean pollution through an entertaining fashion event.

"This project has taught me lots of practical textiles skills as well as project management.”

School head Olivera Raraty said: “Lily’s event was a real triumph. She spoke so confidently and passionately about the pieces she had created and gave the audience some very powerful messages about upcycling, and playing our part to protect the environment through the day-to-day choices we make.”