THE Voice of the Malvern Hills group has made a donation to help fund disabled access on to the hills.

The donation of £275 will help cover costs of running the two Tramper all-terrain mobility scooters that are available for hire from Cafe H2O at the Malvern Hills GeoCentre.

Richard Edwards, Chairman of the Voice of the Malvern Hills, said "Our main objective had been to oppose the cable car project. However, we also believed it was important to enable access for disabled people to enjoy the pleasure of the Malvern Hills.”

He said he is very conscious of the tremendous benefit of having the Trampers available, because his disabled grandson has enjoyed using them for trips to the Worcestershire Beacon.

Kate Harding of Jamboree, which runs Cafe H2O, said: “We are very grateful to Richard Edwards and the Voice of the Malvern Hills for their kind donation.

"Each year we raise money to fund the insurance and maintenance of the two Trampers, and so this timely donation will enable riders to enjoy the Malvern Hills in 2019.”

Funding and support for the scheme has also been provided by the Malvern Hills Trust, Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Colwall Rotary Club, Malvern Roundtable, Westfest, Malvern Lions and numerous local benefactors who have made donations big and small at the cafe.