A KIND-HEARTED boy helped homeless people in Malvern and Worcester by delivering care packages he made from donated gifts.

Kyan Woodward, aged nine, from Callow End, decided that for Christmas he wanted to help the homeless by giving out the packages across the two areas.

After collecting donations from friends, family and strangers, Kyan put together drawstring bags containing food, water, toiletries, socks, hats and other items.

He then went out on December 15 and again every weekend up to Christmas, giving out the packages to rough sleepers himself, accompanied by his mum.

Five of the packages were donated to the Malvern Street Cafe.

Kyan’s mum Luci said: “After all the news about homelessness and more people being on the street than ever, I really wanted to share Kyan’s story.

“Kyan is very passionate about helping people in need and so we went out and delivered them by hand in Worcester and Malvern.

“Everyone was so grateful to receive them. We also gave some to the Malvern Street Cafe that started a few weeks ago."

Luci added: “We’ve also started keeping cereal bars for when we go out in case we see a homeless person so we can give them a little boost.

“If anyone wants to do something like this, the most important things homeless people need are warm socks and underwear, and sanitary products for the women are a must.”

Kyan has plans for further donations and fundraisers throughout the year, Luci said