A BAKERY in Malvern has closed down without any explanation.

The Court Road Bakery shut down just before Christmas.

Richard Spencer, of Trefoil Close, Malvern, who lived near the shop for many years, said: “A friend told me in the pub that Court Road Bakery had gone, but as it’s such a popular local shop, I didn’t entirely believe it.”

Mr Spencer called in the following day to see for himself.

He said: “I was intending to get my usual granary loaf which is lovely bread, and also some of their mince pies, which taste so good they could be homemade.

“I had expected to have to queue, as it was the last Saturday before Christmas, but unfortunately, it was all closed up.

“The Christmas decorations are still in the window, and there are still a few pastries on the shelves, but it is definitely shut.

“There isn’t even a note on in the window to explain what has happened. “It’s a great pity, as it has been running as long as I can remember.

“I grew up just two doors along from the bakery, and could hear the bakers at work, during the summer, with my window open. I hope someone will buy the business.”

The Gazette tried to contact the business without success.