TWO Slimming World consultants from Malvern have marked the organisation's 50th anniversary by meeting TV personality and presenter Rylan Clark-Neal.

Rylan, who shot to fame after appearing on the X-Factor, co-hosted the annual Slimming World Awards with the organisation’s founder and chair Margaret Miles-Bramwell OBE.

Sian Mabey, who runs a group at Somers Park Methodist Church every Thursday and Friday, said meeting the TV host was a wonderful way to round off a great yea.

She said: “I couldn’t be prouder of the members of the Malvern groups. Not only have they lost fantastic amounts of weight throughout 2018 – with many of them hitting their target weights – they’ve also improved their health, boosted their confidence and are heading into 2019 with new healthy habits that will stay with them for life.

“Every week I feel privileged to play even a small part in supporting people towards these achievements and to celebrate with them, so I felt especially honoured to represent our groups at the Slimming World Awards.”

Jacky Barnes, who runs a group at Redland Road Scout Hut every Tuesday, said: “This New Year I truly believe that joining a local Slimming World group is the best way for people to lose weight, learn new habits and make long-term healthy changes.

"Thanks to our eating plan they’ll see big results on the scales without ever having to feel hungry or deprived, and at our Malvern groups they’ll discover a whole world of support and advice that’s sure to help them achieve their targets – and have a lot of fun along the way too.”