A LOCAL MP has reassured people that no libraries in West Worcestershire are at risk of closure.

Harriett Baldwin offered her renewed support for the county library network as councillors look at the future of the county's libraries and the best way to deliver services for local people.

A review into the library network is currently underway and Mrs Baldwin has written to the consultation to offer support for the work carried out at libraries across West Worcestershire.

She said: “Our libraries are valued local resources and I have been keen to speak to councillors who are leading this consultation to make the point that we should be looking to make better use of these spaces while getting best value for the taxpayer.

“I have been reassured that no library in West Worcestershire is being considered for closure.

“I have spoken up for our local libraries in the past and I personally use meeting rooms in Pershore and Upton to hold my advice surgeries.

"I have been keen to make the point that we should use this process to improve the way these public buildings are used.”

The council is currently looking at ways to make better use of its resources.