QUESTIONS were asked about where the money would come from for a £30,000 investment into foodbanks in Malvern.

Councillor Sarah Rouse asked fellow councillors where the money for the fund was coming from, after she previously tabled a motion for £1,000 to go towards preventative measures to combat the causes of homelessness.

Speaking at a full meeting of the Malvern Hills District Council, she said: “I want to know how we are going to fund this?

“Food banks describe a severe lack of accessible welfare advice and non-financial or emotional support for people affected.

“By the time someone is on the street or at a food bank, the damage has been done. We must stop feeding the crisis.”

Regarding the decision made at the executive committee meeting, Cllr David Chambers, leader of the council, said: I have seen for myself the fantastic work the volunteers at Malvern Hills Foodbank and I’m also aware of other support being made available by church and community groups across the district.

“They receive tremendous support from the public and I am sure that will continue. However, we know in other parts of the country foodbanks are seeing large increases in demand.

“Should that happen here we want our foodbanks to know they have our support and the safety net of a fund they can call on should they need to.”

A spokesman for Malvern Hills District Council confirmed the money will come from the Council’s existing hardship fund. The meeting took place on Tuesday.