MP for Malvern Harriett Baldwin will be holding a meeting on Friday (December 7) to explain the government’s position on the Brexit agreement ahead of a vote in the House of Commons.

Prime Minister Theresa May has been taking part in a national tour explaining the Withdrawal Agreement and the consequences.

 Mrs Baldwin, West Worcestershire MP, is planning to hold a parallel event in Malvern on December 7. Constituents who would like to attend or get more details can email or call her constituency office.

She said she wants to "explain some of the detail and why I plan to support the government when this comes for a meaningful vote in the House of Commons next month".

“Brexit has generated huge volumes of casework and letters to local papers and there are many varying opinions," she said.

"It has been extremely divisive and I know that I won’t be able to please everybody. However, I do feel that the vast majority of people value the patient and detailed work the Prime Minister has done to get us to this point and simply want us to get on with leaving the European Union."