THE death of homeless man Remigiusz 'Rem' Boczarski is such sad news because he was a much-loved figure in Malvern.

Countless members of the community would go to visit him while he was living in the Wells Road bus shelter to give him food and some company.

While highlighting the caring nature of those in this town, his story also shows just how complex helping a rough sleeper can be.

It's almost never simply the case that a homeless person has lost their home and needs a new one.

Rem had previously lived in a flat but friend Sandra Hinton said he struggled to cope because of his mental health problems and issues with alcohol.

He was also offered places in shelters but struggled to live around others, according to Sandra, which is heartbreaking, but emphasises the point that humans needs are not always to appease.

Much of the problem is the average person, despite their best intentions, does not necessarily understand the multiple reasons as to why someone like Rem can be in the situation he was.

It can be frustrating and confusing for many as to why the issue of homelessness is not so easily resolved.

Sometimes, all we can do is be there for them, give them food and stop to talk to them when we can.

Many rough sleepers often carry with them emotional traumas, mental health problems and other barriers preventing them living as most of us do in society.

Perhaps the authorities need to develop a new plan on ensuring that the proper professional support is given.