A LEDBURY man with an incurable brain tumour has had his story told in Parliament.

Ben Lindon wanted to give MPs an idea of the difficulties he has faced, both personal and financial, as a result of his tumour.

Mr Lindon, aged 39, was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 29 and underwent surgery and chemotherapy. A recent deterioration in his condition meant he had to move into sheltered housing and is reliant on a wheelchair and a mobility scooter to get around, while he undergoes rehabilitation.

Mr Lindon’s experience is included in a hard-hitting report published on November 20 and presented to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours.

He said: “The impact of having a brain tumour has been enormous and has cost me tens of thousands in lost income over the 10 years. I went from having an exciting career as a journalist, to having to retrain as a self-employed tree surgeon because no one wants to employ someone with a brain tumour. I then had to pack in that job as my seizures made me unfit to work. After that I worked part-time and then relied on benefits. It has been a huge struggle to provide for my family and I have had to totally give up my plans of buying a house.”