DO you have a question you'd like to put to the Brexit secretary?

Stephen Barclay, the secretary of state for Exiting the European Union, has agreed to answer questions about Brexit from Malvern Gazette readers.

The offer comes as MPs prepare to vote on a deal set out by Prime Minister Theresa May on the terms on which Britain would leave the EU in March.

The deal has so far proved unpopular among both Leavers and Remainers - but Mrs May has said it is the best that could be negotiated.

Mr Barclay said: "Brexit is a huge issue for this country.

"We're approaching a key moment in this process, where MPs will soon get to vote on the Prime Minister's deal - a deal that delivers on the results of the referendum. I'm keen to answer questions from readers about what this means for them and for Worcestershire."

Mr Barclay became Brexit secretary earlier this month following the resignation of his predecessor Dominic Raab.

To submit a question, please email by noon tomorrow (Friday.)