A FOSTERING agency for Worcestershire has been rated ‘outstanding’ in its latest Ofsted report.

Nexus Fostering, which provides foster placements in the Midlands, was given the top rating after a recent inspection and praised for the “overall experiences and progress of children and young people.”

The rating also takes into account how well children and young people are helped and protected and the effectiveness of leaders and managers.

The report said: “Children and young people make exceptional progress from their challenging starting points. Children and young people receive highly individualised care from foster carers who are finely attuned to meeting their needs.

"Children and young people build lasting relationships with foster carers, who help them to flourish in placement and beyond.”

But the report did list one recommendation for improving the service: “Ensure foster carers achieve the training, support and development standards within 12 months of approval.”

At the time of the inspection, the agency was providing placements for 420 children and young people within 291 fostering households.

Director of Nexus Fostering, Grace Wyatt, said: “We are so proud of these comments. They reflect the hard work and commitment of all our staff and foster carers. We will continue to work in this way, improve where we can, and ensure we are giving the young people in our care the best possible chance in life.”

The report continued: “Disabled children and young people receive a highly specialised level of care. Many experience an improved quality of life as the result of the efforts made by the foster carers and staff. For example, one severely disabled child’s ‘do not resuscitate’ order has been rescinded and her life expectancy has increased due to the exceptional care that she has received.”

Nexus Fostering also achieved outstanding in how well children are protected.

“Most children and young people, including those deemed to be highly vulnerable, rarely go missing from care," the report said. "They also experience a substantial reduction in their risk of being subject to child sexual exploitation. The complex needs of children are well understood by the foster carers.”