'THE chaos of Brexit' was the subject of a talk by former Green party leader Caroline Lucas.

She returned to Malvern and spoke to a full house at the Lyttelton Rooms in Church Street.

Her talk also covered climate change.

She spoke of the work of Malvern Hills District Council’s three Green councillors - Natalie McVey, Chris Reed and John Raine - and encouraged all those present to help ensure further Green electoral successes in next May’s elections.

The same day, she visited the Cube to learn about how an under-used youth centre there had been transformed into a vibrant community hub.

She also heard about plans to establish a project in Malvern to convert food waste through an anaerobic digester into fertiliser and methane gas to power a gas lamp, meeting Brian Harper of West Malvern who has pioneered the use of the same bio-digester technology to fuel gas lamps from dog waste.