RESIDENTS at a Malvern care home have created a special display to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice agreement which ended the First World War.

Staff and residents at Mowbray Care Home have made a window display for the premises featuring hundreds of poppies.

Made from used plastic bottles, their poppies form a window display on the main wall of the care home.

The poppies have been arranged as a weeping willow in the main large window of the home.

One resident has even painted a picture to go with the display.

The residents have been busy working on creating the display for several weeks, and it has finally gone on display properly just in time for the Armistice centenary this Sunday.

The work was the brainchild of Jackie Box, who organises activities at the home.

She told the Malvern Gazette: “The residents have been working really hard over the last few weeks.

“Our main group from the lounge did most of the poppies, and one of them has even done a painting.

“It looks really lovely and I am really proud of what they have made.”

Jackie got the idea for the display from a Facebook post.

“I am always looking for different activities," she said, "and since we did our display, I have seen lots of other care homes doing similar things.”

The poppies were made by cutting open Coca-cola bottles and using the green parts from milk bottles for the leaves.

Staff then assembled the display as a cascade on the wall, where it is accompanied by a cut-out of a soldier and a commemorative cross.