There are plenty of spooky goings on at this Worcestershire house - but it's all for a good cause.

Every Halloween, Leda Butler turns her front garden into a graveyard and uses a host of other decorations and projecting images onto her home to transform it into the spookiest place to visit for local Trick or Treaters.

Leda says: “I do it because I love Halloween.

“I like to do something special for the children at Halloween because we get a lot of trick or treaters around here.

“I’ve done it for eight or nine years now and every year we get more and more people.

“The last time I did it we had over 250 people of all ages over the three nights, including hundreds of children.”

The display takes a lot of planning and preparation with Leda finalising her ideas as early as April for the display that runs for three nights.

She has been working on this year’s display at her home in Jamaica Road, Malvern, for the past two weeks. But there is still more to be done.

She missed last year’s Halloween due to illness but says this year she hopes more people than ever before will come and see the display.

Having recently undergone surgery as part of treatment for cancer, Leda was keen to thank her partner Carl, without whom she says the display simply could not have happened.

She said: “He has been amazing, doing the extra work and helping get it all set up.

“I have been so busy this year with my treatment I haven’t been able to set up any fundraising for the event but next year I definitely intend to raise money for one of the cancer charities.”

Even with such meticulous planning, it will be a race against the clock to get the house ready for tonight.

Leda said: “A lot of the equipment is either home-made or battery operated.

“With the weather being how it is I just can’t take the risk on it being damaged by rain or dew overnight.

“I am sure it will be ready.”