NEGOTIATIONS have begun about moving Malvern’s Tourist Information Centre to a new location.

Malvern Hills District Council is talking to Great Malvern Priory about putting the TIC in the parish office at the Lyttleton Well, Church Street.

The new location would offer most of the services it does currently, but with fewer staff, and generate a significant saving, but how much will not be known until negotiations are completed.

If a deal is made, the change would be made early in 2019. TIC staff have been informed of the plans.

Talks are at a very early stage and any agreement would need the approval of councillors as well as church authorities, so no further details can be released now.

The council says the TIC is unsustainable in its current form; the council needs to save £1.45 million from its budget by 2021 due to government funding cuts.

Council leader David Chambers said: “We said we wanted to keep the TIC in the town centre, and if we can reach an agreement with Great Malvern Priory and Lyttleton Well, it will be hugely beneficial for everyone.

“With more people going online, there is less demand for a physical TIC. However, tourism is a priority for us and we want to maintain face-to-face provision as well as the excellent service provided by our TIC staff. We appreciate this is an unsettling time for our staff and thank them for their continued hard work and commitment.”