THE small touring caravan that mushroomed up in the field as you enter the village from Beggars Ash has been given notice to quit by the Herefordshire planning enforcement officer, but so far the message doesn’t seem to have got through to this particular mushroom.

This area immediately south of the village is part of the settlement green gap in the new local development plan and is protected against development.

The defibrillator planned for the old phone box has arrived and is getting closer to installation. You may have noticed that the box has a brand new coating of bright “red arrows” red paint. The door seems to have gone for a walk, but will hopefully arrive back in time for the next stage in the near future.

Thanks to David and Simon for all the hard work.

The centenary of the WW1 armistice will shortly be commemorated giving an extra and poignant meaning to Poppy Day. The Royal British Legion does much good work; though when we put our hands in our pockets when confronted by a poppy seller, we think little of it. Find out more at “rbl.org.uk” and have a roam around the website.

From the archives: Those who survived the war and returned to Wellington Heath found little changed.

Water still came from village wells though hand pumps had been installed a few years earlier, and in 1919 the parish council decided that every new house should have a bath, though mains water only arrived after a further 30 years.

A pig sty, and at least a half-acre of garden was also recommended for vegetables and perhaps a chicken house. How times have changed.