A PHONE box in Powick has become a meeting spot for people to come together and support a local charity.

Crossroads Caring for Carers is Worcestershire’s leading charity that offers practical help for family-based carers and people with care needs.

The charity has adopted the phone box, on Malvern Road, as a way of recruiting more staff and volunteers, providing information, and raising awareness about the work they do.

The first visitors to the box were Cllr Jabbar Riaz, mayor of Worcester, and Cllr Andrea Morgan, chairman of Malvern Hills District Council.

Cllr Morgan said: “I am honoured to be one of the first visitors to the charity telephone box. Crossroads Caring for Carers is a brilliant charity that helps hundreds of carers and their families across the county.”

With over 35 years of experience, the charity employs trained professionals to provide the highest quality homecare service, giving home carers the peace of mind to let someone else step into their shoes.

Helen Simmons, the charity's care manager, said: “We aim to raise awareness of our charity’s work and to hold recruitment drives at the box, as a way of attracting staff so we can help more people and their carers. One of my goals is to take photos of famous people next to it.

“Coincidentally, the telephone box is situated on a crossroads and our charity’s history is based on a storyline from the popular 1970s television programme Crossroads.”

To find out more, contact homecareworcestershire.org.uk or 01905 729293.