A MUM was scared after finding a sharp knife on a visit to a park with her 2-year-old daughter.

Hannah Haines found the knife in Dukes Meadow park near Poundbank, Malvern with her daughter Alivia. The knife was lying in the grass as Alivia walked past.

"I was really scared, my daughter just ran straight past it, and it was pointed up so it could have been a hell of a lot worse if she or another child fell on it."

Mrs Haines has removed the knife but wants to warn other parents to be careful. She said: "It's on a children's play area and is right next to a school as well. I've rang the school and told them."

"I got rid of the knife as it was stuck open, and if my little girls legs got tired I would have had to pick her up, and as I only had coat pockets to put the knife, I couldn't risk her getting cut, so I put it in the bottom of the bin in a box."