THE best views in Malvern have been listed as part of a report that makes up the last part of the town's neighbourhood plan.

Councillors hope the document, which lists more than 200 local views, will help the town to protect its most treasured vistas.

Members of the public have contributed to the project, sharing their favourite viewpoints with Malvern Town Council.

Malvern's mayor has revealed that the council hopes to submit the neighbourhood plan, which will guide future planning decisions, by the end of October.

The Malvern neighbourhood plan visual study report, published this week, states: "The main aim was to identify, map, assess and select a number of key views and viewpoints in and around the town that are of ‘significant’ value to the local community.

"The selected views would be the subject of a Neighbourhood Plan policy that required those planning change - especially in the form of new built development - to consider the visual amenity of the area when formulating proposals, and for new development to protect and, where possible, enhance the selected key views."

Cynthia Palmer, Mayor of Malvern, said: "The views are so important for the town. Views of the hills and those from the hills.

"We are trying to protect Malvern. This document is a blueprint for Malvern's future. The people of Malvern have worked with us to produce it.

"We have been working on the neighbourhood plan for three or four years and this is the very last thing.

"We are hoping to submit the neighbourhood plan to the district council by the end of October."

Town councillor Peter Smith added: "The neighbourhood plan is important because it provides protection and support towards maintaining the integrity of Malvern's unique and exceptional character."

The blueprint has to be submitted to Malvern Hills District Council - and then examined - before residents can vote on it in a referendum.

Some of the viewpoints listed in the report include Belle Vue Terrace, Happy Valley, The Gateway Museum, Worcester Road, Promenade Gardens and Guarlford Road.

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