Wellington Heath

WE are approaching the time of morning mists and harvesting, and our parish church is holding the annual Harvest Festival on Sunday, September 23 at 11.30 am. A bring-and-share harvest lunch will follow at the Memorial Hall. All are very welcome to join in these celebrations.

Thanks to Neil James and the Balfour Beatty team who repaired the Beggars Ash potholes before my last week’s announcement that it would “be soon”. But remember that we also need to keep up the pothole watch and to report an urgent road problem, such as a fallen tree, you can call 01432 261800.

Heavens above; did you see the two giant glow flies in a wide chasing circle over the village on Saturday last. The mystifying phenomena went on for over an hour towards midnight. The best theory so far is that it was a reflection of a laser display from the Eastnor Castle closing display at the firework champions event bouncing off the low clouds. Has anyone got a better theory that doesn’t involve little green men in flying saucers?

Pool Piece has been manicured. Thanks to David Darwood and his team of volunteers who look after this important village area.

If you follow the parish website you will already know that the bridge over the River Leadon on the B4214 Bosbury to Ledbury road between Hollow Lane and Burtons Lane is due to be closed from October 10 until January 31 for repairs. There are efforts being made to reduce the time and disruption and as yet there is no final confirmation on dates and diversions, but it will undoubtedly lead to rat-running through our local lanes.

Peter Constantine