Worcester’s first Polish eatery is aiming to bring Eastern European culture to the city.

The restaurant will serve home-made food intended to replicate traditional Polish dishes and aims to show locals what it’s like in a typical home in Poland.

The Colorful Pots in Copenhagen Street opened earlier this month and was attended by the Mayor of Worcester, Cllr Jabba Riaz.

Piotr Goralczyk, the director of The Colorful Pots Restuarant, said: “I am very pleased that, from today, we will be able to show the people of Worcester what our traditional Polish cuisine is.

“Nearly half of the British people that speak to me would like to try Polish food. However, they complain about the lack of knowledge on what it entails and the type of food we eat.

“We should create an image of our kitchen in people’s minds and familiarise them on our native dishes and what they are. Just like the Indian cuisine, because almost everyone knows what a Tikka Masala is.”

Britain is gaining a taste for Polish food with a tenth of people living here buying it regularly, research shows. Polish food shops are also growing in popularity.

Specialities such as spicy cured sausages and pickled cabbage are available in many mainstream supermarkets thanks to the growing Polish population.

Wojciech Rychlak, the head chef, has 17 years’ experience in a kitchen.

Mr Goralczyk describes his colleague as: “He is a person with a passion for cooking and a perfect sense of taste and smell.”

Mr Goralczyk, said: “This is what Worcester needs!

“We want to familiarise everyone in the city with the culture, tradition and flavours of our country and show everyone how beautiful it is.

“Our objective is to make all of our guests feel like they are in a true Polish home, which is characterised by genuine hospitality, which we are proud of.

“The interior design of the restaurant refers to the old Polish tradition.

“The décor feature wood accented tables with table cloths. Dinner-style tables are surrounded by wooden chairs with comfortable seating cushions and the walls are decorated with pictures of the most beautiful places in Poland.”