A MALVERN-based software company has praised apprenticeships, saying the university will not give young people all the skills a business needs.

Located at Malvern Hills Science Park, D-RisQ was established in 2012 and produces software and systems verification technologies for industries such as aerospace.

With a team of 12, the company has seen the benefits of apprenticeships and has taken on two apprentices in the past, with both currently in training.

Hannah Saunders, 19, is studying a level 3 software apprenticeship which finishes in January 2019.

Ross Lambert, 20, will finish a three-year level 4 software apprenticeship with Worcester-based training centre TDM in September, and has been offered a contract to work with D-RisQ.

D-RisQ received an apprenticeship grant from Malvern Hills District Council and government funding for training 16- to 18-year-olds.

Professor Colin O’Halloran of D-RisQ, said: “There was a need to grow the business and it made sense to train local talent to the business culture. We look for people with enthusiasm for our industry and willingness to be adaptable and learn.

“You gain the use of great talent but it is their apprenticeship and there is an investment on both sides; university will not give you all the skills a business needs.”

Council leader David Chambers said: “We are committed to helping our small and medium sized business to grow by addressing the need for higher levels skills.

"Taking on apprentices and graduates is a great way of doing that. Our priority is to retain young people in the area and give them access to the fantastic career opportunities.”