A FORMER drug addict denied he was a dealer after police found crack cocaine and heroin inside his car.

Charles Beech admits possession of both class A drugs but denies any intent to supply them at his trial at Worcester Crown Court which began today claiming the drugs were for personal use.

The 54-year-old former support worker who previously lived with his mother in Madresfield stopped his Peugeot Partner van in Elgar Avenue, Malvern on July 26 last year. Special constable Samuel Long searched him and the van at around 12.55pm, describing the defendant as appearing 'stressed and anxious'.

Beech was arrested after the officer discovered £80 in cash and 19 wraps of drugs. These included 14 wraps of crack cocaine with a weight of 1.63g and an estimated value of between £140 and £280 and five wraps of heroin (366 milligrammes with a street value of around £50).

John Brotherton, prosecuting, said the drugs were found in the van's centre console under a cushion/pillow used by Beech's Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

He was heard by the officer to say 'I'm in trouble now' though Beech said he could not remember saying this.

Police also seized a mobile phone from Beech which received 52 missed calls over a two and a half hour period following his arrest.

A number of text messages were also received including some from friends and others who Beech said were drug addicts.

One text from someone saved as 'Crazy Dave' said: "How long now mate?" The prosecutor told the jury this was users wanting to know when they were getting their drugs from Beech. But Beech said in the witness box this was a response to a request he had made for somewhere to stay and they had wanted to know how long he would be staying. He told the jury he had been 'sofa surfing' at the time and had sent several texts to friends.

An independent drug specialist said the amount of drugs found could be either consistent with personal use for a drug user or with supply for a non-user.

In police interview Beech said he had bought the drugs from a man but did not know his name. He had smoked one of the rocks of crack while in his car in Malvern Link Common.

Beech was called as the only defence witness by his barrister, Charles Hamer. He told the jury he had 'scrounged' £250 from his mum to buy drugs, petrol and dog food, telling her he needed it for car insurance. The £80 found on him was the 'residue' of that cash and that drug addicts did not share or sell drugs but kept them for themselves. He said he had since paid his mother back all the money he borrowed out of his benefits and was no longer taking drugs. When he was using, the drugs he was discovered with would last him two to three days because he had a 'horrendous' habit.

Cross-examined my Mr Brotherton he was asked what 'Crazy Dave' meant by his texts, including one which said 'did he get off you?'

Beech said he did not know what the texts meant and added: "The guy is crazy. That's why they call him Crazy Dave."

But Mr Brotherton said: "He's crazy for something isn't he? What does he want? He calls you 19 times between 1.13pm and 3.19pm."

The trial continues.