THE Malvern Hills Trust is in receipt of an application for a residential access road (easement) across common land off Chance Lane.

There is a serious issue here, in that the field in question contains no dwellings, nor is there any planning permission in place for residential development.

Historically, access easements for vehicles were granted for individual properties, as and when their owners began to acquire their own cars.

These easements were granted to serve existing properties, and the access generally consists of a narrow gravel track across the common.

We call upon the board members of the Malvern Hills Trust to simply dismiss the current application as inappropriate, because the field in question has permission only for agricultural use, and access for agricultural vehicles already exists.

Anything less than this would raise the suspicion that the trust is open to monetary persuasion from landowners and developers to support highly speculative and inappropriate planning applications.

This would call into question whether the trust is operating in accordance with its objective of protecting our hills and commons for this and future generations.