PLANS for an access across common land off Guarlford Road in Malvern could mean an end to an ancient lane, say protesters.

A developer, the Rose Farm Partnership, has applied to Malvern Hills Trust for permission to create an access across the common, called an easement, to serve a proposed new housing estate.

But the proposal has stirred up strong opposition among residents, who are now in the process of setting up a residents' association to pursue their objective.

Among their objections is the damage the proposal will do to Jackpits Lane, a trackway with historical associations.

Graeme Crisp, one of the organisers, said: "Jackpits Lane is an asset to the area and part of what makes the area so special.

"It is believed to be part of a medieval green road from the Severn at the Rhydd to the Priory in the town of Malvern.

"This would have allowed the monks to travel to and from the Priory, via the Severn, to other Benedictine houses at Worcester and Gloucester.

"It lies to the north of the proposed development between the developer’s field and Hall Green Close, and connects Hall Green to Chance Lane.

"If the easement is granted and development proceeds as a result, Jackpits Lane will be destroyed in the immediate area where the access would cross it, and the tranquil atmosphere of this ancient tree-lined pathway will become an urbanised cycle route."

A meeting held on Wednesday, August 8, at Guarlford Village Hall was packed out with local residents opposing the easement application.

It was at that meeting that residents voted to create the new association.